The Invisible Lock as an Infallible Method of Security

If you feel like your home could use extra protection, an invisible lock might just be the solution you need. The doors of many homes nowadays are either too old or do not have a modern locking system that guarantees the safety of both tenants and their personal belongings. Therefore, the best option is to go for an armored door whose security is much greater and which can withstand any type of violence against it. But often there is simply no budget available for this. This is where invisible locks come in handy.


Why Invisible Locks Are the Future


The technique most often used by many home thieves is called bumping. This sophisticated and ancient technique breaks any cylinder in a matter of minutes granting the thieves access to the majority of homes and offices.


As the thieves are becoming more experienced with the recent technological developments, and the techniques they employ are becoming more efficient, we can now find in the market a type of lock that is 100% reliable and provides extreme security. It is an impenetrable type of lock for any thief.


An innovation in the locksmith business, the invisible lock, is more than a definitive solution to any attempted burglary. These locks can be installed in all types of doors whether they are security armored doors or conventional ones. These locks provide an efficient and reliable security to the door since they make it impossible to open for strangers.


The numerous invisible locks can be controlled from a single remote control and can be installed in different points of the home where there is some type of door or any other access point. It reinforces both the upper and lower parts of the door, making it impossible to force. Its installation is very simple, and it can be adapted to all types of security and armored doors, made of wood, steel or even glass.


The invisible locks are called invisible because third persons cannot see where they are. They are locks that do not have a cylinder for a conventional or safety key, but instead have an electronic control, making it much safer and therefore inaccessible to those who try to force it. They can only be opened with the remote control, and it is impossible to make a copy of it. In a family, there can be different remote controls with different security encryptions. This type of intelligent remote control can open up to 8 separately programmed locks at different spots in the house, something that increases the security of any place.


Some other advantages of invisible locks include:

  • absence of noise while opening or closing the door
  • no need for frequent mechanical maintenance
  • no expiration date


Undoubtedly, this type of locks provides your home with extra security against potential burglaries. They are reliable and highly resistant. A definitive solution that brings peace of mind to the home.