ADT Monitoring Delivers Confidence, Control and Convenience

Home security monitoring has come a long way over the years. To homeowners in the late 19th century, a burglar alarm operated by magnets and bells seemed like the height of technology. Today’s alarm systems employ innovative technology that translates into smarter security.

ADT monitoring is no exception. In fact, America’s #1 monitored home security provider continues to raise the bar.

One example of an ADT monitoring feature that has helped revolutionize the industry is ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions. This combination of monitored security and home automation gives you more control, convenience and peace of mind than ever before.

ADT home automation allows you to put your home on autopilot. In addition to offering online access to your monitored alarm system, ADT Pulse gives you the ability to set an automated schedule for your thermostat, remotely activate lights and door locks, and more.

ADT Pulse provides on-the-go connectivity

We live in an increasingly mobile world. ADT home automation gives you the option of incorporating home security into your on-the-go lifestyle.

ADT Pulse lets you arm and disarm your monitored security system remotely using your mobile device. You’ll also receive notifications by email and text message about the security status of your home – when an alarm is detected, when a passcode is entered, etc.

ADT home automation promotes energy efficiency

It’s easy to automate your lighting and thermostat control with ADT Pulse. Control lights and heating and cooling with your smartphone or tablet, or your web-enabled home computer.

Automation doesn’t just make your life easier; programming your thermostat to operate with maximum efficiency can help save money on energy bills.

Automation also means you don’t have to leave your lights on all day. You can switch them on remotely at different times of the day, which creates the appearance of an occupied home to discourage would-be intruders.

Discover the benefits of monitored security and automation

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