Home Security Tips

DIY security guidelines play a supporting role for your monitored alarm service.

Even if have a professionally monitored security system, following a few simple home security tips can solidify your safety plan even further.

Of course, there are DIY security systems that you can buy at your local home improvement store, but think of these home safety tips as a different kind of DIY home security. These tips are simple, easy to share, and can be put into effect every day.

  1. Always lock the door behind you – With FBI statistics that point to more than 80% of break-ins happening through a primary door, responsible homeowners must remember to lock every door behind them. This method of DIY home security is critical to any safe home.
  2. Keep hedges and shrubs trimmed and neat – This tip doesn’t just make your home appear more beautiful, it also gets rid of hiding places for intruders. A well-maintained yard also sends a message to criminals, announcing that you’re fully engaged in the upkeep and protection of your property.
  3. Ask neighbors for help – When you go on vacation or leave for an extended period of time, ask neighbors to help you by moving your trash cans away from the street and collecting your mail. This way, your home appears occupied while you’re away.
  4. Keep a light on – When leaving your home for the night, leave a light on so that your home emits a warm glow. This gives off the impression that someone is home, which may deter an intruder. A timer or a monitored security system with home automation features will allow you to program a schedule for your lights.
  5. Don’t mention travel plans on social media – Refrain from telling your social media friends and followers when you’re away your home. You never know who might see the information you share online.

By following these home safety tips, you can take an active hand in making your home secure. Teach family and friends about these home security tips and soon, your entire neighborhood could be a safer place.